Abell Images & Changes to my sites…

Recently, I decided to begin operating my photography business under the name Abell Images.

I want to thank creative director, Kurt Tauche, from Tausche Inc. for designing the new Abell Images identity. Kurt is an amazing talent, and I can not thank him enough for the time he has devoted to helping me advance my career beyond being a team photographer.

My Current Sites:
Portfolio: http://abellcreative.com
Archive: http://abellimages.com
Blog: http://paulsabell.com/blog
Portal: http://paulsabell.com

Future Sites:
Blog Home: http://paulsabell.com
Portfolio: http://abellimages.com
Archive: http://archive.abellimages.com

NOTE: As soon as I launch my new Livebooks site on abellimages.com, I will begin forwarding abellcreative.com to my new portfolio.