Soul Shaker & the Days Before I was an Atlanta photographer…

Recently, a lot of people have been asking about some of the bands I used to play in and the music that we played… As time permits, I will be converting all of it to MP3 format and uploading it for friends, family and former band members to dive back some 15 years or so ago…

The music here is from the last band I was in before I went back to the University of Georgia to earn my BFA in graphic design. Yes, I had long hair and those were the days… I was going to be a rockstar, and nobody was going to stop me; Well, unfortunately, music did… As it changed, I lost interest and moved to Athens; while in Athens, I never found the right situation and pretty much gave up playing for nearly 10 years. My daughter has shown interest in playing and singing, and I have missed it, so here we are… Looking back on a time that was pretty good!

This music is from the 1994 version of Soul Shaker: Paul Hand (vocals), Todd Kirkland (guitar), Cheney Brannon (drums), Phil Folds (Bass) & Paul Abell (guitar). To the best of my recollection, the drums and bass tracks were recorded at our rehearsal studio — Black Box or RTM. All vocals, guitars and final mixing took place at Todd’s apartment in Atlanta. We did this an a very low budget — $0.00.

Earlier versions of Soul Shaker had different band members, with Jummy Hayes on drums and Steve Tuggle on bass. Though we considered the band from Atlanta our first show was opening for Jackyl in Macon, in January of 2003. This band could have really been special…

Soul Shaker – 1994 (Advisory – Some lyrics my be offensive)

  1. Give-you-my-love
  2. Distance
  3. What-do-ya-do
  4. New-Tomorrow
  5. My-Kind

Where is everyone now?

  • Paul Hand: he is still playing around Atlanta… very talented, check him out!
  • Todd Kirkland: I have stayed in touch with Todd since the band ended in late 1994; Todd one of my best friends and is an Atlanta area photographer and sound engineer.
  • Cheney Brannon: Cheney stuck with it and played in several great bands following Soul Shaker; it paid off as he is the current drummer for Collective Soul. they have a new CD soon to be released. Congrats to him!!!
  • Phil Folds: I have heard he is in Atlanta, but I have not seen or talked to him since 1995, so I can not be for sure. I played with Phil in Trantrum, and Phil was a very talented bass player. It is a shame we lost touch. If anyone knows where he is, shoot me an email.
  • Paul Abell: I am an Atlanta based photographer and graphic designer, specializing in architectural, commercial, event, portrait and sports photography; I graduated with a BFA in graphic design from the University of Georgia, and I am the former team photographer for the Atlanta Braves & Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I currently own my own company, Abell Images, and I shoot contract photography for the Associated Press, AP Images, Getty Images, Picture Group & US Presswire.

More to come from Soul Shaker 1993 & Tantrum…