This & That…

Over the last several months, things have been very crazy… I will spare the details, but take my word that June & July were a couple of months that I would love to soon forget.

Lately, things have been crazy for a good reason: lots of cool assignments:  Chick-fil-A College Kickoff (for Atlanta Sports Council), NFL (for AP Images) , NCAA (for US Presswire), Gospel Music Channel (Many Thanks to Ben Rose), BET (for Picture Group: Pay if Off, Monique Show & Monica) and LudacrisPresident Carter (for the Associated Press).

Yesterday, I booked an assignment for Houston Sprints, Active Adult Community; I have provided photos to Houston Springs in the past, and I am very excited to be working with them again, thanks to Malanie Lewis and and Lauren Messmer of By Design Solutions, in New Jersey. This will be a 2-day mixture shoot that consist of lifestyle and architectural photography. I am stoked to get going on areas of photography like this, as it gives me an ability to use the creative talents I once had as an award-winning graphic designer (BFA Graphic Design, University of Georgia).

NOTE: I have been dealing with major computer and storage issues. Over the last month or so, I have had 2 computers fail and a DROBO fail; At present, both my new 15″ MacBook Pro and 24″ iMac are at Liberty Technology being repaired.

The story surrounding my DROBO is for another day, however, I will say that we determined that a bad Firewire port on my iMac must have been the culprit (constant recycle mode). DROBO CS has been great thus far, as replacement DROBO was quickly sent; once the drives were loaded in the replacement DROBO, they began crashing, one-by one; Luckily, I had just purchased a new DROBO, so I am using it until my issues are resolved. As for the date on the drives that were in my old DROBO, I am unsure it is will be recovered. I have had 1 drive cloned, and the DROBO booted up… Upon copying it to another drive, another drive failed. Two other drives are being cloned now… The results on the second drive are not looking good, as Liberty Technology  has reported numerous errors. Once everything is completed, I will post the final results of the cloning and if the data on the DROBO was able to be salvaged. I am keeping my fingers crossed, but feel sure of the final outcome!!! 🙁

This weekends games: (NCAA) West Virginia @ Auburn & (NFL) Carolina Panthers @ Atlanta Falcons; Next weekend: (NCAA) Arizona State @ Georgia & (NFL) Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens. I am praying for a day game in good light… Not sure it is going to happen; first chance is Cleveland @ Baltimore; Let us hope it is prefect weather!!!!

Burns Family photos coming ASAP; first of next week!!!!