Guest Blogger: Scott

Today, I am truly humbled, as I had the wonderful opportunity of being asked to provide the Guest Blog entry for my buddy Scott Kelby’s site.

I can not tell each of you how inspiring it was to be asked and how scary it was to do… Following in the footsteps of such great photographers is always hard to do, especially when you put everything you do out there to be looked at under a microscope and picked apart at the cellular level.

More than posting a guest blog, I am humbled that Scott thinks enough of my work that he asked me to share it with his many readers. I hope that is might have somehow inspired you and gives you hope that anything is possible with hard work.

Should any of you find your way over from his site, let me say thank you for taking time to read my Guest Blog and showing enough interest in my work to come here. I have never been an in-your-face type of guy, and I am sure you will take notice that this blog is quite sparse.

For those that are looking for more information on my DAM Solutions, I will be happy to share them here or on Scott’s Blog. However, since it is his Blog, I have been very conscious not to intrude and make it a marketing ploy for me or my work.

I look forward to 2010 being a great year… I am venturing into areas of photography that have not been what I am known for. Still, it is what drives me… My goal is to continue my photographic journey and growth into advertising/commercial, architectural and entertainment. No matter where we are, we all hit walls… As our brothers in Rascal Flatts once said, “If one door opens to another door closed, keep on searching till you find a window.” That line says a lot, and it is something I always look for in my everyday life.

Thanks again for your interest, and most importantly, thanks to Scott for this great opportunity to show my work and share my photographic journey with yo all.


Paul Abell