Staying Organized Part 1: “Things” for Mac & iPhone, by Cultured Code

As a father, photographer, archiver, designer and life long procrastinator, I often times find myself spending countless hours trying to find ways to better keep myself organized. The iPhone was my first step, as I have now had one for over 2 years – I could not imagine life without it; I suspect I am more addicted to it than I am any computer I own; it is small and it keeps me in touch with clients, family and friends. I was so sold on its organizational abilities that both of my parents now own one, as well as my 10-year old daughter. Maybe it is crazy, but we are all in sync, and that is a good thing!

While my iPhone has been a savior, I have continued to struggle with keeping track of daily tasks, as well as present and future business projects. To date, I have tried numerous programs, calendars and online services that never quite delivered the control that I needed until I came across “Things,” Task Management software for your Mac & iPhone, by Cultured Code.


If you are looking for an inexpensive solution to manage you daily Tasks, I suggest you give “Things” a try… It is a solid solution that I have synced to multiple computers though my DropBox account.

Cultured Code has posted a short, online video that reviews “Things” features…  Take a look:

Cultured Code also has a blog that is used for updates, etc:

NOTE: In future “Staying Organized” posts, I will focus these other great solutions: DropBox, 1Password for Mac and iPhone, Billings, BillMinder for iPhone, YouSendit, as well as other Mac & iPhone applications that help me stay organized, on track and focused.