So you are the former team photographer for the Atlanta Braves & Tampa Bay Buccaneers; why did you leave?
This is a tough question and one I am asked quite often, so I felt that I needed to touch on it here… First let me say that I am extremely thankful for both the Braves and Buccaneers organizations for their belief in my photographic skills and for the chance to live a dream as the team photographer for their respective clubs.

My job with the Buccaneers was, without a doubt, the greatest job I have ever had. The friends I made and the opportunities I was given will never be forgotten — given different family circumstances, I would have never left. However, in November of 2007, I returned to Georgia while the Buccaneers were on a Bye Week to see my family. Upon arriving, I soon learned that my grandmothers health was quickly fading, and it had been nearly 3 months since I had seen my daughter. She began crying and begging for me to come back… I returned to Tampa, and the following week, we flew in to play the Falcons; I met up with my mother and daughter for a night on the town. That Sunday, my grandmother had a stroke prior to the game, but the information was kept from me until I was on the team plane ready to fly home; it was then that I decided that my family had to come first.

After being offered the position with the Braves, I initially turned it down. However, after subsequent conversations, I felt confident that the opportunity to return home was worth taking.

In late December of 2008, I decided to focus on building my own photography business, a business that is based on clients that want their pictures taken.

What types of Photography do you now focus on?
While I continue to shoot the highest level of professional and collegiate sports and commercial photography, I am using this blog to build my family portrait business. This blog is dedicated to these photos…

Do you photograph Weddings?
At this time, I am not photographing traditional weddings. However, should you be a bride that is looking for a more photojournalistic approach, and your wedding is scheduled at a venue that you feel offers great locations for photographs, do not hesitate to contact me.

What is a photographer’s fee, how much is it, and why is it charged?
All portrait sessions have a photographer’s creative fee of $150; this fee includes sessions throughout the metro Atlanta area, as well as Macon. All clients receive a $50.00 credit towards their initial print order placed within one month of our session, if purchased though our partnership with Pictage.

Why do you not have your price list posted?
Abell Images has chosen not to publish our portrait price list in this area of our Blog. However, it should be noted that our clients average minimum of $500 in pint purchases from every session. Feel free to contact us for a more details on our print pricing structure.

Do you offer Discounts on Print purchases from portrait sessions?
Yes, all clients receive a $50.00 credit towards their initial print order placed within one month of our session, if purchased though our partnership with Pictage. Once your session has been edited, all images are uploaded to Pictage for easy, convenient and professional prints delivered to your door.

NOTE: Mac users will need to download Firefox, as Safari is not compatible with Pictage’s online interface. As an added bonus, Pictage routinely makes special offers to clients, and they will keep you informed as they become available. i.e. Two prints for the price of one.


In addition to Pictage, we offer professional lab print products though a number of professional print labs. Please contact us for more details.

Do you sell digital (environmentally friendly) images?
Yes, Abell Images has made the decision to sell select digital images for those clients that are looking for environmentally friendly images. Please contact us for more details, as we are still working out the details.



Do you offer Design Services, Coffee Table Books, Framing etc.?
Yes, Abell Images offers all of the above and more. In addition to be an award-winning photographer, Paul Abell is an award-winning graphic designer that holds a BFA in graphic design from the University of Georgia.

We offer boutique design services for clients that are looking for unique coffee table books, wedding invitations, programs and more. Please contact us for more details.


Clothing, Style, etc… What should I wear, and where do we shoot?
More on this later… However, a good rule of thumb is to avoid clothing with many patterns. Once we have discussed your session, we will be able to make a better recommendation on your clothing, as much of it is determined by the style and locations chosen for your session.