Matt Garvey

Vice President, Communications / Chick-fil-A Bowl

Without a doubt, Paul is the best action photographer we have worked with and among the most reliable and professional vendors we currently use. His work product far exceeds anything we have received before in this area and I would give him my highest recommendation; Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Scott Kelby

President/CEO / Kelby Media Group

Besides being a first-class pro-sports shooter, Paul is an consummate professional, and handles his work with the seriousness you’d hope for, and a style and humor that inspires those around him. There are a lot of people shooting pro sports these days, but not a lot of real pros doing the shooting, but Paul is the real deal, with a depth and breath of experience that puts him among the best.

Kurt Tausche

Creative Director / Tausche, Inc

Shortly after beginning work with the Macon Knights arena football team, I began noticing some incredible game action photography. I soon learned it was Paul’s. His background in graphic design and architecture helped him develop a remarkable sense of composition and his humility and passion to learn fueled his dramatic rise. Paul & I collaborated on many projects for the Knights, winning many awards. He had no equal in the entire league so it was no surprise that he advanced to the majors. Now, after positions in the NFL (Tampa Bay) and MLB (Atlanta Braves), shots for the top wire services and in national magazines, and a few major awards, he’s available to everyone. And I’ll be first in line.

Tom Szubka

Former - Director of Team Services / Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL)

Working with Paul during his time with the Buccaneers was a pleasure. Paul’s photography skills are excellent, as you can see for yourself, however it should be noted that he is a professional in every sense of the word. I find Paul to be humble, sincere, responsive, and very patient with his work and subjects. It is refreshing not to have to deal with an “ego” when you work with Paul, making the creative process more enjoyable and effective.

Scott Burgin

Former - Director of IT & Web / Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL)

I had the pleasure of working with Paul on several projects while both of us were with the Buccaneers. Paul has a very unique and diverse skill set and is very talented. His photography skills are top-notch and he is extremely dedicated. Thanks to Paul, the Bucs now have protected digital assets that are organized very efficiently. On a personal note, Paul is great guy and friend.

Stacy Nusbaum Woods

Senior Acc’t Management Supervisor, MMS / Getty Images

I worked closely with Paul on the creation of the Buccaneers online photo archive as well as setting up the workflow for moving all of the 2007-8 Bucs season imagery from field to website. Paul was extremely thorough, professional and a pleasure to work with. He wore many hats in his role as photographer and archivist, and he wore them all well.

Patty Ewy

Marketing Coordinator / Persona, Inc. - For McDonalds

Working with Paul Abell (Abell Images) was an unexpected treat for me. I needed a photographer for a project with a fast turnaround, but I didn’t know any photographers in the area. A quick Google search led me to the Abell Images site, and within minutes, I was on the phone with Paul to talk about my project needs. Persona is the sign maker for McDonalds and is recognized as one of the top five sign companies in the US. Our expectations on quality are second to none; Paul delivered on all fronts, providing photos that were just what we needed, in a timely, professional manner. He offered his advice but definitely kept my needs at the forefront of the project. I recommend him and Abell Images highly!

Brent Larson

Owner / Larsen Digital Services

I worked with Paul on a daily basis for several months beginning in July 2007. Paul was extremely professional and great resource for us as we were undertaking the digital transfer of over 40,000 team photos for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Paul’s photography talent and expertise is definitely world class and all of us at Larsen Digital Services highly recommend Paul for photographic work. Paul is not only an extremely talented photographer – he is also a good guy and a pleasure to work with.

Dan Goldberger

Social Media and Communications / Fox Sports South

I have had the pleasure to work with Paul Abell on various projects while working for the Georgia Tech Athletic Association. Paul has provided me with numerous photos that are not only usable but of excellent quality. He makes sure to package the photos in a timely fashion and is always receptive of suggestions and ideas. I look forward to working with Paul in the future.

Anique Coffee

Former - Archiver / Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Paul was a very professional and hard-working boss who opened up many opportunities for me as his subordinate