Unit Stills Photography

A unit stills photographer creates still photographic images intended for use in marketing and publicity of feature films and network television productions. A stills photographer regularly uses the aid of a sound blimp to reduce noise produced by the camera’s shutter when taking images during the the filming of a scene.

Atlanta production photographer Paul Abell regularly covers production stills assignments and is an IATSE Local 600 International Cinematographers Guild member. As an IATSE member, he may perform photographic still photography services on Union productions and Union studio lots and locations, as well as any non-union and indy productions.

Paul was one of the first unit still photographers in the USA to receive and use the new line of sound blimps and lens tubes produced by Aquatech. For a number of years, Aquatech has been regarded as one of the top manufacturers of underwater camera housings, waterproof sports shields camera covers and weather proof apparel for the rigors of professional photography. After covering season 4 of BET’s The Game with one of the older Jacobson Sound Blimps, Paul began shooting season 5 of The Game with Aquatech’s newer design. Immediately, it was noticed by all on set and became the object of many discussions; most notably, it received rave reviews regarding the noticeable difference in audible shutter noise. During Season 4 of The Game, I was often reduced to shooting rehearsals in rooms that tended to amplify any noise present. During Season 5, I never had the first complaint, and often times, I was applauded for use of the newer blimp.

For a complete listing of unit stills photography assignments and dates covered, please inquire.


  • Mo’Nique Show (BET)
  • Pay it off (BET)
  • Tiny & Toya Show (BET)
  • Let’s Stay Together (BET)
  • Almost Married (BET)
  • The Game & The Game Promo Shoot (BET)
  • Sunday’s Best (BET)
  • Reed Between the Lines (BET)
  • Young Man on Campus (BET, Pilot)
  • CMT Awards
  • Soul Train Awards (BET)
  • Hip-Hop Awards (BET)